Kimberly from Pennsylvania

The Angels Sang.

by Kimberly from Pennsylvania
As I’ve mentioned before, I look at the Ivey Abitz website just about every day. If I’m having a dreadful sort of day I may even look it at it more than once. Often I see something new before I get the announcement via email.

Thinking it was about time for my daily fix, I punched in IV (that’s all my computer needs) and the new spring collection home page popped up. At that moment I heard angels sing…

…and my then my computer went… black.

Was there something bigger keeping me from seeing these clothes? The IT guys found out about my Ivey Abitz addiction, perhaps.

No. Simply put, we were in the middle of a wind storm and the power at work had gone off. Did I care that there was work to do? No, I wanted to see the Spring Ivey Abitz collection. My cubbie mates will tell you I was near tears calling them over while pointing to my black screen. They had no idea what was wrong with me.

20 minutes later things were humming again and I went back to my computer and punched in Iv and there they were. I think of myself as a pretty jaded person. But really who was I fooling that day. I was gah-gah.

The clothes are so pretty and I wanted every last one of them. Forget that Cynthia and I had worked on a list for my future purchases. I quickly tried to compose a letter in my head to my mortgage company to see if I could take advantage of the new bailout plan to buy ALL the clothes, but realizing that’s not exactly what they had in mind I calmed myself down.

To tell the truth, the Spring collection was taking me off my plan, but I couldn’t help myself. You just don’t see clothes like this, and when you do they are not really available (read – way, way out of my price range).

Pulling out my list, then picturing items I already owned, I chose a couple of ensembles and a few other pieces that I knew I could start IveyAbitzing my current wardrobe with.

I ordered the pieces with confidence because I know they will last for years and mix with most things I have, as well as my future Ivey Abiz purchases.

Oh my, I just can’t wait for my spring order to arrive.