Personal Service Makes Personal Clothing

Fabric SamplesPersonal service is part of what makes clothing special at Ivey Abitz. Here’s an example:

Recently a groom’s mother emailed us at Ivey Abitz to help put together a new ensemble for her son’s wedding.

A brief email exchange helped her narrow down which designs would work best together based on her favourites.

This left only the fabric selections.

Knowing this was an important event that required extra special planning, we put together a custom fabric swatch book to help her visualize the possibilities.

The personalized fabric swatch book confirmed her decision and helped her feel that much more confident.

Wearing an Ivey Abitz ensemble made just for her, we are sure she’ll be showered with compliments about her ensemble at the wedding – and not just because she’s the mother of the groom.

What’s the best personal service your wardrobe ever had?

We invite you to experience great personal service at Ivey Abitz.