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Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot at Ivey Abitz

Sneak a Peek behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the Summer 2012 Ivey Abitz collection. See the studio, equipment, styling on the dress form, and our favourite — the 4-legged studio assistants.


Ivey Abitz Outtakes

Ivey Abitz clothing is usually presented on a dress form, but this photo shoot provided special images for the home page of the website as well as newsletters. So this is a rare glimpse of behind-the-scenes real people – and dogs – interacting with the collection.

What are these beautiful dogs doing in this photo shoot?
The color pallette of this collection is based on the coloring of these two beautiful dogs, Wolfie and Artie. They are the objects of Cynthia’s love and affection. Their beauty and unconditional love is a source of inspiration. They are rescues from a puppy mill. (Shameless plug for animal rights – spay and neuter your animals and never buy an animal from a pet store!)

The main colors of Collection One 2012:

  • Wolfgang Grey
  • Arthur Brown

Following are outtakes from the Ivey Abitz Collection One 2012 photo shoot.