Designer Notes

Preferred Patrons Get Fabrics in Advance

Ivey Abitz Summer fabric swatch portfolio
Ivey Abitz Summer fabric swatch portfolio.


Today we mailed Summer 2012 fabric swatch portfolios to our Preferred Patrons before the summer collection debut.

This means three things:

  • The summer collection is almost ready!
  • Preferred Patrons will have the swatches in hand before the collection hits the website.
  • Preferred Patrons will have first choice of limited quantity fabrics.

How do you become an Ivey Abitz Preferred Patron? It’s simple: buy from every Ivey Abitz collection.

It is true that many Preferred Patrons are major Ivey Abitz collectors. However, you don’t have to dedicate an entire closet to IA in order to get patron perks. Even if you just buy a scarf from every collection – you’re in.

It’s not about quantity. It’s about a relationship. We love creating garments just for you, and we especially love doing that for you on a regular basis.

Some other perks include special offers not provided to the public. Some examples include

  1. First choice of special fabrics not available on the website.
  2. Complimentary garments for orders that meet a set purchase amount.
  3. Seasonal offers and special discounts.
  4. Rare samples offered for sale.

We would really love to add YOU to our growing list of Preferred Patrons. Won’t you join us? The current collection would be a great place to start.

Connect with us. We’ll announce coming collections in IA News and the Ivey Abitz Facebook page.


P.S. You can order your own fabric swatch portfolio from the current collection at our fabric swatch page.