Personal Service Makes Personal Clothing

Fabric SamplesPersonal service is part of what makes clothing special at Ivey Abitz. Here’s an example:

Recently a groom’s mother emailed us at Ivey Abitz to help put together a new ensemble for her son’s wedding.

A brief email exchange helped her narrow down which designs would work best together based on her favourites.

This left only the fabric selections.

Knowing this was an important event that required extra special planning, we put together a custom fabric swatch book to help her visualize the possibilities.

The personalized fabric swatch book confirmed her decision and helped her feel that much more confident.

Wearing an Ivey Abitz ensemble made just for her, we are sure she’ll be showered with compliments about her ensemble at the wedding – and not just because she’s the mother of the groom.

What’s the best personal service your wardrobe ever had?

We invite you to experience great personal service at Ivey Abitz.

Anita in the South Client Stories

Southern Sartorial Elegance

by Anita in the South

I am Southern, born and bred. Growing up, my grandmothers made many of my outfits and by age ten, I was sewing in 4-H. I know the hours of work that go into the touches, the details, that make an ensemble not only look perfect but FEEL perfect. I have spent many an evening as a teen, taking out stitching that wasn’t just so and pinning for top stiching, lapping seams, laying a pattern so that the designs in the fabric would flow, and basting for hours.

My mother had a seamstress, Miss Barton, that made many of her outfits, bound button holes, detailing, even her own labels, and I would ride with her for her fittings. (Any of you recall Leiter fabrics??) My mother would never have been caught wearing the same dress as someone else. Growing up Southern in the late 50’s and 60’s, the fashion rules that had been laid down for generations still held and will be with me always. We NEVER wore white after Labor Day or straw before Easter. Ladies did not wear jeans. I was 21 before I even tried on a pair! (Apologies to those of you who look great in jeans…most of us DO NOT.) Fashion was an experience to be enjoyed.

I was shopping Ivey Abitz before Cynthia started her own designs, so I was one of the first in line. Like my mother, I don’t want to meet myself coming and going in mass produced clothing.

Most of my wardrobe is now Ivey Abitz. I spend hours and multiple emails with Cynthia planning and seeking her advice on what ensembles to add (she keeps up so well with what you already have!). She is endlessly patient and helps me make the perfect choices for each season. She knows my likes and dislikes and her attention to her patrons is reflected in her incredibly comfortable designs. I never feel that my clothes are wearing me. (Think serious fashion mistakes you made in college.)

Somewhere along the way, feminine became the F word. The rags that pass for fashion make me dread long airline flights or trips to the market. I wear my IA ensembles everywhere, traveling costumes, at home, parties, and I look feminine and feel feminine. Cynthia has embraced a feeling of a more refined and dignified Time in her collections. I have found a sartorial home at IA and I never have to leave my home to browse and plan. I love opening the packages–a presentation in themselves.

Thank you, Cynthia.

-Anita in the South

P.S. Invest in the fabric swatches. There is no substitute for holding the fabric and looking at it in natural light and thinking carefully about your selections.

Kimberly from Pennsylvania

Deciding on an Ivey Abitz Wardrobe with A Little Help from the Designer Herself

by Kimberly from Pennsylvania

I would like to think I’m pretty good at putting outfits together, but in reality I’m probably hit or miss.  When my outfit is a good one it’s pretty great but some of my misses would make me eligible for that TV show with the secret footage. 

One huge mistake is not following the advice from fashion gurus.  Buy an outfit – not pieces. And what do I do? I buy pieces. I know I’m not alone. Many women do this. You end up with a great skirt but nothing really fabulous to wear with it. So not only does the skirt languish in your closet, but by not wearing it you have spent your money in vain.  

And you say you don’t have anything to wear. Now you know why.

No more bits and pieces of clothing for me. This spring and summer would be different. Yes, I vowed.  But now what should I do? After looking at the Ivey Abitz website for like the millionth time I turned to my new best friend. Yes. I decided my new style guru would help me look great and pulled together. After looking at the website and picking some of my favorites I complied a list and sent it to Cynthia Ivey Abitz. 

Through email we talked about my choices, fabrics, my likes and dislikes and of course my budget.  Then she sent me a list of what looked like a wonderful start to building a useful and pulled together look that I can wear for years.

By doing this I would have the basics to look great this spring and summer. But there is flexibility in this list. I originally wanted the Camilla Dress in a winter fabric but decided that a Baedeker Shirt would help me fill in gaps in my wardrobe better. Not only will it always go with my Ivey Abitz pieces but it also works well with my existing clothing. 

The point is I have a guide now. I know if I purchase something off my list (even though I really want everything) it will work.  And that’s what I need in my life. Stuff that works.

Kimberly from Pennsylvania

My New Best Friends

by Kimberly from Pennsylvania

Not only are the clothing items fabulous at Ivey Abitz, so is the customer service.  I feel like customer service and Cynthia are my new best friends.

Looking at the designs over and over I noticed that there were some velvets pictured on the item pages. I sent an email to customer service and got a speedy reply assuring me that there would be velvets offered very soon.  

Boy and what velvets they are. I just couldn’t decide what to order but did manage to make a decision. A Lydia Layering Jacket in berry (french silk) velvet and a Cozette Skirt in denim.

Cynthia contacted me over a weekend just prior to my jacket going into production to ask if I wanted it lined.  I chose not to, but I loved that she would ask.

I had them shipped to my work address, and when they arrived, ladies were gathered around to see what I got.  I felt like the lucky women who get flowers delivered to the office.

When I opened the boxes (did I tell you how much I love the tissue paper and boxes) people were like “Oh my – how beautiful.”

I had to write immediately and let them know – well done.   

I like being the object of envy…