Client Stories Deborah in Rhode Island

Something so extraordinary about wearing custom made garments

by Deborah from Rhode Island

To Cynthia and everyone at Ivey Abitz –

I’m so in awe of the work you do – from Cynthia’s timeless designs to the black satin ribbon that is tied around that perfect white box. When the scarf that you so carefully made for me arrived on Saturday, I was not at all surprised at the glorious fabric or the perfect stitching and the lovely way that the scarf was folded inside its box. I’ve come to expect that everything I order from IA will be cause for excitement. I ran out to greet the postman as he was stepping out of his truck to deliver my package – he could tell that the box was for me. There was a tornado watch in my area that afternoon and I doubted that my scarf would arrive. So, I was all the more excited when it did! I felt like a little kid waiting for Santa Claus to arrive (and the postman probably thought I was a little kid). I truly savored every minute of opening that box, pulling back the tissue paper, and holding the scarf in my hands. The lovely color, the texture of the silk and linen fabric. I’m so pleased with it, as I am with all my Ivey Abitz. There is just something so extraordinary about wearing custom made garments. This scarf will look beautiful and feel soft worn around my neck, and will keep me warm and feeling lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity, talents, and skills – I feel fortunate that I have experienced all of these. I’m already day dreaming about what could be in the next box I receive from Ivey Abitz.

Best to all,