Karen from British Columbia

Fashion in minus 45 Farenheit

Moving to Canada was more than just a culture shock. It reminded me that there are millions of people in the world who actually experience all 4 seasons every year. Sounds simple, but up to that point, I’d never been one of them. From a sartorial perspective, it means that winter isn’t just a slightly cooler few months in which to toss a jacket over whatever you’re wearing. It means heavy coats, layering, clunky Herman Munster boots with real traction, and hats and gloves for warmth and not necessarily style. It was refreshing to see everyone dress for warmth, comfort, safety and snow-proofing instead of mere vanity. Soon I became one of them, in order to have a hope of enduring the Calgary winter that sometimes dipped as low as -45 with the wind chill. Stepping out of doors on those days felt just like razor blades scraping against my lungs. 

Needless to say, we planned our escape. 

to be continued in the next entry…