My Cup Runneth Over

Lori Wearing her Ivey Abitz Bespoke Clothing

We often receive photographs of our clients wearing the bespoke garments we make for them. This year we have resolved to share more of them with you.

This is Lori looking positively stunning in her bespoke Blanchefleur Frock, Baudelaire Duster Coat, and a Blanchefleur Sash wrapped around her head.

We asked Lori if we could share the note she sent along with the photograph. Here’s what she wrote:


this is perfect.. fits perfectly. i feel so happy in the outfit. i want another one!!

this made my day and then some. thank you so much. i now finally have the best outfit ever!!!!

my cup runneth over with happiness.


Notes such as Lori’s inspire us to keep creating and doing what we do. Send us your photos and comments by replying to this email – you just might inspire someone to acquire their first Ivey Abitz garments.