Designer Notes

Just Shipped Out

Ivey Abitz ensemble
This ensemble recently shipped out to an Ivey Abitz client.

Just shipped out –

Truitt Jacket in Foggy Plaid Wool and Silk Scrim
Fennefleur Frock in Foggy and Antique White Soft Plaid Cotton

This recent ensemble order from a client shows a variation on a theme from our ensembles in our Look Book. The Truitt Jacket in our new plaid scrim truly shows its versatility for the wearer. The Truitt and Fennefleur together can go in so many different directions, just by buttoning or unbuttoning the jacket and changing the accessories.

Here are just a few ideas of why these work so well together and how they can be worn in different ways:

— a unique look for work attire by wearing understated, yet elegant, shoes and jewelry
— a casual look for everyday wear by wearing the jacket unbuttoned and wearing ensemble with vintage sneakers or ballet-like slip-on shoes
— an evening out by wearing heels, a silk Clotaire Sash around the neck, and an antique brooch on the collar

Versatility is the hallmark of Ivey Abitz designs, and of the Truitt and Fennefleur together.

How would you wear these two designs together? We’ll create them for you, and you can find out for yourself! Best of all, right now the Truitt and Fennefleur have very special pricing when made in our plaid and signature fabrics. A savings of up to 45% off while the fabric choices are still available.

Eleni from Florida

Hollywood Treatment

how many people can say that they have personal advice from the actual designer of their clothing!? i love the entire concept of what Ivey Abitz, the company, does, and they do it so very well. doesn’t it just make you feel so very special knowing that you can get this kind of assistance and advice? i mean….we are talking hollywood treatment here! 

Ivey Abitz devotees have this in common: we are lucky to have found Ivey Abitz, and we don’t mind spending money for quality clothing. but the consideration and individual treatment and advice that we get puts us all in the same category with people in the limelight, people who get followed around by cameras – people who walk down red carpets (and some Ivey Abitz clients are actually are in the limelight!) i get all that special treatment, except that i get the benefit of not being followed around by cameras or having my personal life splashed all over the covers of cheap tabloids. to me, that would be such an invasion in addition to a giant pain. to me, this is the only welcome difference.  

i don’t like to use the word bargain because it sounds cheap and i don’t like that word – but think about it. i think we get more than what we pay for with Ivey Abitz, so a bargain it is in this respect. it is a bargain and then some! i will say it again: think about it. 

in closing, i hope to continue participating in this blog. i have no doubt said it before, but i think Ivey Abitz patrons are an exclusive group of style-conscious people. i will follow this fabulous company with avid interest and look forward to the future of Ivey Abitz and to wearing their designs for a long, long time. i have enjoyed writing about how Ivey Abitz designs and how the designer, Cynthia, has influenced my life. i look forward to reading more from some of you. what i have read so far i have enjoyed very much. 

in an earlier entry, i wrote something like “people who wear Ivey Abitz designs are intelligent, unique women and men proud of their individuality.” i will end near the beginning and say that as time goes on, i find this to be as true as it ever was. 

joie de vivre! 


Eleni from Florida

Self Expression with Mother Superior and Ivey Abitz

i have always had an unusual (sometimes downright weird) unique style and taste. 

eclectic. that’s a good word. 

since i was a kid, i remember my clothes were important to me in defining who i was. i even went to catholic school and quit because of the uniforms they made us wear every day.  

once i made a deal with the mother superior that i would clean up the staff kitchen and another room (the art room, i think) in exchange for her letting me wear my regular clothes. it was worth it just for one day out of that horrible uniform. i simply couldn’t handle it, even though my very best friends went to school there. i missed a lot of fun with them after leaving this school, but it was that important to me. not only for my self expression, but my identity. or at least how i saw myself. or maybe how i thought i wanted the world to see me. 

i am that way to this day. everyone i know comments on the way i put my clothes together. now cynthia helps me do that through her personal design consultations, always making sure that what we choose together is still me. i love that about the process of working one-on-one with the designer herself. i really do. it is inspiring as well. i am celebrating my individual self, and Ivey Abitz helps me celebrate.