Designer Notes

Designer Notes for Look No. 3 ~ Holiday 2011

Look No. 3 ~ Painting from Holiday Look Book


The Designs:

This is a great example of wearing an Ivey Abitz jacket as a shirt. The Blanchefleur Jacket in the Pewter Hand Woven Silk becomes a lighter weight piece that can easily be worn indoors. The curves in its bottom hem tie in beautifully to the curving movement along the bottom hem of the Addy Skirt.

The bias cut insets made of striped silk on the Addy Skirt make it the featured piece within the ensemble. The Leo Frock, gently peeking out at the bottom hem, makes an airy base for the look. It gives the ensemble depth without unnecessary bulk. The look is finished with a substantial Lucia Scarf around the neck to counter the wispy netting of the base frock.





Look No. 3 Fabrics


The Palette: 

The Pewter hues here are wonderfully ambiguous. The Pewter Puckered Striped Silk and Pewter Hand Woven Silk have black threads going through the yarn dyed weave, even though it’s not easy to tell upon first glance of the fabrics. This makes it very easy to mix in black hues into the ensemble. Black shoes and accessories are very easy to wear with these Pewter hues, which is one of the most common colours in a wardrobe. This makes it so easy to blend these versatile pieces into your IA wardrobe.

The Pewter Washed Cotton Velvet is a dip-dyed fabric, so it has a wonderful variation of hues in it. The fabric gives you light and dark Pewter hues, as well as warm and cooler hues.

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Design Line-up: 

Blanchefleur Jacket
Leo Frock
Blanchefleur Jacket


Lucia Scarf