Anne in Atlanta

Finding a perfect blend of quality, detail, and lifestyle

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta is a town that is quite conservative in fashion.

When I was initially told about Ivey Abitz Bespoke clothing, I was curious, but somewhat dubious that I would discover anything I had not already seen in the world of fashion. I have loved fabrics all my life, with memories of my Grandmother’s black eyelet dresses in summer and petal soft cashmeres in winter. However, living in Atlanta, as I matured, I realized this is a town that is quite conservative in fashion. Tailored designer suits or khakis with crisp cotton shirts seemed to be pervasive. I never felt “at home in my own skin” in these types of clothes. I longed for those eyelet fabrics with detailed cuffs and collars. My antique doll I inherited as a child had handmade dresses with little pin tucked skirts, ruffled pantaloons and even a velvet coat with fur trim.

I dabbled with many designers, but some were way too overstated and frivolous. Even with lovely fabrics, these garments felt like they wore me, instead of claiming my own sense of style. I also felt a commitment to garments made in the USA if at all possible. Years ago I had decided I would dress for myself and not need someone else’s approval for my own individual style. I even took a stab at sewing myself, but my design concepts were much better than the finished product!

So, when I looked up the Ivey Abitz website, I felt I had found my match!

My first bespoke garment was a sample, so I could test the waters before making a big commitment. Even the Ivey Abitz samples I purchased were exquisitely sewn with dressmaker details and lovely fit. I had finally found my bits of flounce and memories of fashions past, combined with modern styling, care, and fit.

Fennefleur Frock skirting
Fennefleur Frock skirting

I now wear my Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks and jackets whenever possible. I have dyed Easter eggs for my 2 year old grandson in my Midnight Striped Fennefleur Frock, blown bubbles in the park in my Crinkled Cotton Cozette Frock, as well as attended the symphony, ballet, and opera in those very same frocks with different combinations of jackets and accessories.

Cozette Frock skirting
Cozette Frock skirting

I have turned to Cynthia for advice and direction in planning my garments so I can optimize the possible combinations of my pieces. I have machine washed these beautiful garments and found they looked fresh and ready to wear almost immediately.

I hope others who are drawn to Ivey Abitz clothes will feel they are versatile and can be worn in a busy daily lifestyle as well as for special occasions.

Thank you Cynthia, Josh, and all the wonderful dressmakers who work as a team to create the finished bespoke Ivey Abitz clothing line. I feel these garments are definitely clothing for life that I am comfortable wearing.

Oh yes, I do receive numerous compliments everywhere I go in my bespoke clothing.

-Anne in Atlanta