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Autumn Winter Collection Debut

Autumn Winter 2018 is here. This new collection celebrates the remarkable minds of women. Read all about it in the Ivey Abitz Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Debut Press Release.

One of 42 looks from the new collection by Ivey Abitz for Autumn Winter 2018.
Eleanora Jacket in First Edition and Parchment Checked Chenille; Fairholme Shirt in Antique Parchment Raised Striped Weave; Fairholme Necktie in Antique Parchment Herringbone Weave; Fairholme Skirt in Parchment and Ink Plaid Weave. Ivey Abitz Bespoke Clothing.

Ivey Abitz Clothing Collection Inspired by Remarkable Minds of Women

Ivey Abitz unveiled a new autumn winter collection of bespoke clothing designs this week in a look book of 42 looks, over 100 designs, and 44 fabrics.

The Ivey Abitz Autumn/Winter Collection was inspired by “the remarkable minds of women,” as described by designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz. Through her new collection of clothing, Ivey Abitz seeks to celebrate the freedom and rights of women to educate themselves and exercise the power that comes with that knowledge.

As stated by Ivey Abitz in the artist statement for her new collection, “This new collection celebrates the education of women made possible not only by trailblazers who demanded equality and respect, but by individuals today demanding the same through daily personal interactions big and small, public and private.”

Education often comes from books, and a place full of books is more commonly known as a library, but from an aesthetic point of view, the new Ivey Abitz look book would also qualify as such a place.

This is not due to the physical presence of books, although there is a book appearing in every one of the 42 ensembles styled by the designer and photographed by her husband, Josh Ivey Abitz. The representation of books in this collection comes from the “palette of antique first edition bindings, rhythmic rows of volumes lined up on a shelf, and hues on the pages that empower us.”

As one views the Autumn Winter look book, available at, one senses the feeling of classic leather bound books – gorgeous hand bound books that deserve their own bookstand in an aisle of a great place of learning.

Autumn Winter brings with it several new designs, namely the Baudelaire Shirt, Eleanora Jacket, Fairholme Necktie, Fairholme Shirt, Hillsdale Jacket, and Hopewell Frock.

In addition to designs making their debut in this collection, Ivey Abitz carries over clients’ favourite designs from season to season, choosing carefully to showcase certain aspects of each design in relation to the current fabric palette. For example, a duster coat draped over a frock in a certain way creates a sensation of vertical book bindings. Many Ivey Abitz ensembles give one a similar feeling to that which is experienced when looking at well designed books.

Ivey Abitz is a design company in New York specializing in bespoke clothing for women. Available exclusively from the designer’s website at