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Autumn Winter Collection Debut

Autumn Winter 2018 is here. This new collection celebrates the remarkable minds of women. Read all about it in the Ivey Abitz Autumn Winter 2018 Collection Debut Press Release.

One of 42 looks from the new collection by Ivey Abitz for Autumn Winter 2018.
Eleanora Jacket in First Edition and Parchment Checked Chenille; Fairholme Shirt in Antique Parchment Raised Striped Weave; Fairholme Necktie in Antique Parchment Herringbone Weave; Fairholme Skirt in Parchment and Ink Plaid Weave. Ivey Abitz Bespoke Clothing.

Ivey Abitz Clothing Collection Inspired by Remarkable Minds of Women

Ivey Abitz unveiled a new autumn winter collection of bespoke clothing designs this week in a look book of 42 looks, over 100 designs, and 44 fabrics.

The Ivey Abitz Autumn/Winter Collection was inspired by “the remarkable minds of women,” as described by designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz. Through her new collection of clothing, Ivey Abitz seeks to celebrate the freedom and rights of women to educate themselves and exercise the power that comes with that knowledge.

As stated by Ivey Abitz in the artist statement for her new collection, “This new collection celebrates the education of women made possible not only by trailblazers who demanded equality and respect, but by individuals today demanding the same through daily personal interactions big and small, public and private.”

Education often comes from books, and a place full of books is more commonly known as a library, but from an aesthetic point of view, the new Ivey Abitz look book would also qualify as such a place.

This is not due to the physical presence of books, although there is a book appearing in every one of the 42 ensembles styled by the designer and photographed by her husband, Josh Ivey Abitz. The representation of books in this collection comes from the “palette of antique first edition bindings, rhythmic rows of volumes lined up on a shelf, and hues on the pages that empower us.”

As one views the Autumn Winter look book, available at, one senses the feeling of classic leather bound books – gorgeous hand bound books that deserve their own bookstand in an aisle of a great place of learning.

Autumn Winter brings with it several new designs, namely the Baudelaire Shirt, Eleanora Jacket, Fairholme Necktie, Fairholme Shirt, Hillsdale Jacket, and Hopewell Frock.

In addition to designs making their debut in this collection, Ivey Abitz carries over clients’ favourite designs from season to season, choosing carefully to showcase certain aspects of each design in relation to the current fabric palette. For example, a duster coat draped over a frock in a certain way creates a sensation of vertical book bindings. Many Ivey Abitz ensembles give one a similar feeling to that which is experienced when looking at well designed books.

Ivey Abitz is a design company in New York specializing in bespoke clothing for women. Available exclusively from the designer’s website at

Designer Notes

Midsummer 2018 Fabrics Selling Out

Midsummer fabrics are selling out. Here is an updated list so you can plan your next Ivey Abitz bespoke purchase. See the complete fabric palette.

Midsummer 2018 Fabrics


Black and White Striped Ponte Knit by Ivey Abitz
Black and White Striped Ponte Knit SOLD OUT 8/27/18


Onward Blue Embroidered Voile by Ivey Abitz
Onward Blue Embroidered Voile SOLD OUT 8/27/18


Rising Sun Washed Silk Chiffon by Ivey Abitz
Rising Sun Washed Silk Chiffon SOLD OUT 8/26/18


Black and White Plaid by Ivey Abitz
Black and White Plaid SOLD OUT 7/9/18


Morning Sky Striped Voile by Ivey Abitz
Morning Sky Striped Voile – Sold Out 7/13/18

Morning Sky Washed Linen by Ivey Abitz
Morning Sky Washed Linen– Sold Out 7/23/18


Almost Sold Out Fabrics

Onward Blue and White Eyelet

Onward Blue and White Eyelet by Ivey Abitz
Onward Blue and White Eyelet– almost sold out. Order soon if you want a bespoke design made in this fabric.

Onward Blue Puckered Knit

Onward Blue Puckered Knit by Ivey Abitz
Onward Blue Puckered Knit– almost sold out. Order in this fabric soon before it is sold out.



Designer Notes

Thoughts About The Beauty Suit

Thoughts about The Beauty Suit, a book by Lauren Shields

by Cynthia IveyAbitz

Shields - The Beauty Suit book coverWhen Lauren shared the exciting news with me about the impending release of her new book The Beauty Suit, I was thrilled to learn that someone had given such serious thought to clothing and how it impacts our everyday lives.

The day Lauren’s book arrived to me in the mail, my world stopped, and I read it cover to cover. As an artist that has devoted my life’s work to designing clothing that honours the internal and external self, it was so hopeful to read about Lauren’s journey from wearing the Beauty Suit (the mass-produced, tight clothing, the latest contouring palette, the revealing tops) to studying how different religions determine what is considered appropriate for clothing and why. Their norms have an undeniable impact on the norms of modern mainstream culture, as oftentimes trends are a reaction to them. It was fascinating to read what Lauren learned through her project of shedding the Beauty Suit, covering herself for the first time in her adulthood, and then trying to figure out what to do after her project was finished.

It’s an honour to know that, post-project and pre-release of Lauren’s book, she found a sartorial home in Ivey Abitz. We enjoy creating for her and getting to know her. We’re also pleased to announce the release of her new book, and we encourage everyone to order a copy and read it. It’s an important read for those that have worn the Beauty Suit or that choose to still wear it. It is, perhaps, an even more important read for those of us that have never felt the pressure to wear the Beauty Suit. Lauren’s book is a window into a world of immense pressure that focuses on sex appeal to stand out and be noticed. I discovered a newfound empathy and understanding of the women that wear the Beauty Suit trends.

To be sure, this book is not an attempt to shame women that choose to wear the Beauty Suit. Rather, I see it as a meditation on how we can transcend the current norms to find something better. We’re pleased that Lauren found that something better for herself in our garments. We know Ivey Abitz garments are not for everyone, and that’s okay. But we are thrilled to be here for Lauren and others that are delving deep into challenging questions, finding answers for themselves, and realizing that it’s a meaningful thing to be set apart from what she sees as demeaning trends. Lauren’s book beckons all of us, men and women, to wear clothing that doesn’t merely focus on our sexual assets and touts our sexual appeal but that celebrates and honours the entire person–body, mind, and spirit.

— Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Did you read The Beauty Suit or do you have a personal experience with it? Leave a thoughtful comment below. All comments are moderated.

Further reading: Lauren Shields interviewed Cynthia Ivey Abitz about her relationship to the Beauty Suit. Read the interview.

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The Beach Behind the Midsummer 2018 Ivey Abitz Collection

The beach in the background of the Midsummer 2018 Ivey Abitz Bespoke look book is very special. Read about how Cynthia Ivey Abitz loves this beach and used it in her latest photoshoot. Read it here or in the Press Release for Midsummer 2018 Ivey Abitz Bespoke.

A look from the Midsummer 2018 Ivey Abitz Bespoke photoshoot on the beach of Lake Huron at sunrise.
A look from the Midsummer 2018 Ivey Abitz Bespoke photoshoot on the beach of Lake Huron at sunrise.

A New Day of Elegant Dress Inspired by Ivey Abitz

Ivey Abitz shows how to dress elegantly at the beach in a new look book for its Midsummer Collection. The designer returns to her Michigan roots, the shore of Lake Huron, to photograph her latest collection of elegant women’s bespoke clothing.

Ivey Abitz, a bespoke clothing company, photographed its 2018 Midsummer collection on the sandy shores of Lake Huron. The Michigan location represents a return to designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz’s roots, where she spent summers growing up. Her mission in setting her new collection amidst the sand and waves was to connect the past with the present, just as Ivey Abitz connects the past and present in clothing design.

Clothing with Historic Sense

Many describe Ivey Abitz clothing as historic yet modern. The sense of history comes from the designer’s love of historic garment design and the respect derived from wearing naturally proportioned and aesthetically purposed attire. The modern feel comes from new weaves made from the finest natural fibers available. The collection also embodies her personal freedom to make life choices and her desire for universal freedom from the historic oppression of women. As a result, Ivey Abitz dresses women in respectful liberation.

More than a Beautiful Backdrop

The beach serves as much more than a beautiful backdrop for the new Midsummer collection, available to view at It was the backdrop to Cynthia’s roots growing up, blooming as an artist, and marrying the man who would soon be her business partner. The name Ivey Abitz is the combining of Cynthia’s name, Ivey, and her husband’s name, Abitz. The fact that they both legally took the Ivey Abitz name was a daring display of independence from a culture that traditionally sheds the woman’s name in favour of the man’s.

Family Roots at the Shore

Cynthia’s grandparents were among the first cottage builders on this glorious beach. They passed the tradition of cottaging on to her father, who in turn imparted the tradition to the designer herself. For Cynthia, nostalgia for the meaningful memories of summer at the beach are a wistful way to clothe the mind and the body.

Inspired by Mother Nature

As an artist, Ivey Abitz internalized the beauty, design, and chaos of Mother Nature. The beach was ever-changing as storms reshaped the shoreline. Trees sprouted near the receding shoreline one summer and drowned in rising waters the next. But some things stayed the same: fine silky sand, the scent of pine, and the sound of waves. Such order and beauty inspired the young artist through her painting, photography, sculpture, and clothing design.

Art Imitates Life

As a young woman in her twenties, Ivey Abitz felt so connected to the beach, she and her husband held their wedding reception there. For one summer afternoon, and into the evening, the beachside family cottage was transformed into a gathering place for the community of souls who cared for the new couple. Guests enjoyed dinner on the shore to the music of crashing waves and the swinging of a jazz trio.

Throughout her years in New York, Ivey Abitz has expressed her connection to such a nostalgic place through her clothing design. Many garment names come from the area, such as the Trelawny Frock, named after a cottage of the same name along the shore; the Three Trees Frock is inspired by a row of trees on the beach in front of the cottage; and countless nature-inspired fabric names and colours such as Beach Grass Wispy Washed Linen and Misty Fog Floral Voile. You no longer have to imagine the sunrise through the fog on the lake—you can wear it.

Summer at the Lake Represents Freedom

Ivey Abitz considers the lake a gift. It’s a gift of freedom: freedom from school in the summer; freedom to explore the outdoors; freedom to leave town and go up north; freedom to find a better life; freedom to be who you are; freedom to marry who you love; freedom to dress like no one else; freedom to be authentic. This freedom is the gift wrapped in every Ivey Abitz garment, and it is visible in this Midsummer Collection look book.

Ivey Abitz is a company that makes elegant bespoke clothing for women that celebrates the history of good design and respectfully honors the authenticity of each woman who wears it. Sold exclusively through the Ivey Abitz website at