What is this Blog About?

In Ivey Abitz Voices, people like you blog about how their Ivey Abitz clothing enhances who they already know they are. We encourage discussion about how Ivey Abitz works in real life.

How are you discovering life in Ivey Abitz garments? We encourage you to WRITE for the blog.

Vintage Inspired Clothing

Ivey Abitz
Ivey Abitz garments use a pleasant mix of nostalgia and avante garde that makes sense to the creative eye. It’s all made to order regalia for every day.

The designer, Cynthia Ivey Abitz, gives extra attention to detail: french seams, exact stitching, hand sewn embellishments. There is a fine line between vintage and costume. Ivey Abitz designs ride this line expertly, invoking the nostalgia of vintage in a look that is clearly modern.

Modern doesn’t necessarily mean futuristic or spacey, or even lacking in flourish. It means in the moment and now. That look can come from many different styles, but what they all have in common is confidence and maturity. The look that says I know who I am.

The Bloggers

Since 2007, we have been asking people to write about their experience with Ivey Abitz clothing. Some write during the shopping process while others reflect on how they’ve worn Ivey Abitz in the past. Some write about the role of beauty and design in our culture. Others write about personal reflections, including self-image and personal healing. The result has given us a panoramic view of the Ivey Abitz experience including

  • shopping for garments
  • wardrobe planning
  • opening an Ivey Abitz garment for the first time
  • budgeting
  • expressing personality
  • identifying with cultural segments
  • realizing life potential
  • personal healing
  • coping with grief
  • discovering how to enjoy life to the fullest

And that’s just the beginning.

Your Role

We hope you discover something meaningful at IveyAbitzBlog.com. If you do, we encourage you to share your ideas by commenting on entries. Should you desire to share your own experience in the form of an entry or two or ten, please contact us.

Thanks for being a part of this great documentation.

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