Barbara Jean from California

Ivey Abitz Bespoke Took my Breath Away

Fennefleur Frock in Garnet Striped Silk from the Winter 2018 Bespoke Clothing Collection by Ivey Abitz.
Fennefleur Frock in Garnet Striped Silk from the Winter 2018 Bespoke Clothing Collection, photographed just before shipping to its new home in California.

I just opened my boxes from the Fall / Winter Collection, and oh my goodness, each box was increasingly wonderful, from the ethereal Garnet Striped Silk at the top to the Floravinea Scarf, so delicate, to the truly delicious Pewter Mohair and Floral Voile, and then, like buried treasure, the Heraldry Frock with those amazing textured stripes, it took my breath away! I love that these clothes are such rich and royal colors and yet so light and airy. I am going to enjoy wearing them always!

You are certainly adding to the beauty and wonder that combats the weariness we might sometimes feel in the day to day routine. I know that my day is brightened whenever I wear my Ivey Abitz wardrobe, and this collection has outdone itself in soft-spoken brilliance that shines for all to see.

With Awe and Amazement,

Editor’s note: You can see a gallery of bespoke order images taken just before shipping. Visit the Ivey Abitz Orders Gallery.

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IA101 Debut – Essential Ivey Abitz Designs Ready to Ship

Introducing IA101 Essentials – Ready to Ship

IA101 Essentials are Ivey Abitz garments Ready to Ship
IA101 Essentials are Ready to Ship

We are pleased to announce an Ivey Abitz first…

Introducing IA101 Essentials, a collection of ready-to-ship designs to jump start your Ivey Abitz wardrobe.

We selected a core group of designs that make the basic building blocks of a comprehensive Ivey Abitz collection, and we made them ready-to-ship.

IA101 is your entry to the world of Ivey Abitz. With the basics in your closet, you’ll be ready to build your authentic wardrobe with bespoke pieces from our seasonal collections.

Shop the basics in IA101, and you’ll get everyday life garments you’ll love mixing and matching for years to come.

Soon you’ll be living comfortably, confidently, and authentically with Ivey Abitz garments as your second skin.

Start with the IA101 Look Book to see the looks you can put together.

Or go directly to the IA101 shopping page where you’ll find all the ready-to-ship designs awaiting you.

Gratefully yours,

-all of us at Ivey Abitz