Designer Notes

Try not to wear it every day

Ivey Abitz ensemble
Actual ensemble that shipped to an Ivey Abitz client.

This is the kind of ensemble that you have to force yourself not to wear everyday. Our indispensable Elliot Jacket makes a perfect pairing over the Addy Frock. The Addy is particularly stunning in plaid with its bias cut insets, pockets, and waistband. It’s relevant for casual everyday wear, for going out, and for special occasions. Best of all, it’s comfortable AND elegant — a signature Ivey Abitz combination.

Elliot Jacket in Foggy Soft Ribbed Knit

Addy Frock in Black and Foggy Soft Plaid Cotton


Tiny Look Book

Here is a rare macro view of the 2013 Fall/Winter Collection by Ivey Abitz. See the normal size look book at

Macro view of Fall/Winter looks by Ivey Abitz
Fall/Winter Looks
Designer Notes

Casual and Playful Ivey Abitz Designs

A casual and playful look from Ivey Abitz.
Look 15 is casual and playful.
Notes from designer, Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Look 15 is one of the more casual and playful ensembles in the new collection.

The warm, rich colour in the Amorette Shirt Jacket draped over a slightly cooler plaid in the Fennefleur Frock is an unexpected juxtaposition without looking over-the-top.

A sash or necktie in our green linen is a nice touch loosely tied around the neck.

It’s also a featured look in our Walk on a Rainy Day gallery, a favourite with our patrons.

We’re almost sold out of the Russet Old World Wool Knit, so if you’d like this ensemble in your lifetime wardrobe, it’s a good time to have it made, just for you.

See more of Look 15 at the look book.

– Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Designer Notes

Just Shipped Out

Ivey Abitz ensemble
This ensemble recently shipped out to an Ivey Abitz client.

Just shipped out –

Truitt Jacket in Foggy Plaid Wool and Silk Scrim
Fennefleur Frock in Foggy and Antique White Soft Plaid Cotton

This recent ensemble order from a client shows a variation on a theme from our ensembles in our Look Book. The Truitt Jacket in our new plaid scrim truly shows its versatility for the wearer. The Truitt and Fennefleur together can go in so many different directions, just by buttoning or unbuttoning the jacket and changing the accessories.

Here are just a few ideas of why these work so well together and how they can be worn in different ways:

— a unique look for work attire by wearing understated, yet elegant, shoes and jewelry
— a casual look for everyday wear by wearing the jacket unbuttoned and wearing ensemble with vintage sneakers or ballet-like slip-on shoes
— an evening out by wearing heels, a silk Clotaire Sash around the neck, and an antique brooch on the collar

Versatility is the hallmark of Ivey Abitz designs, and of the Truitt and Fennefleur together.

How would you wear these two designs together? We’ll create them for you, and you can find out for yourself! Best of all, right now the Truitt and Fennefleur have very special pricing when made in our plaid and signature fabrics. A savings of up to 45% off while the fabric choices are still available.