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Natural Calligraphy Linen

Natural Calligraphy Linen from Ivey Abitz
Natural Calligraphy Linen
Ivey Abitz is known for the handwritten word by our patrons. They receive a handwritten note of thanks from Cynthia in her incredible handwritten script every single time they receive a shipment. It is something she’s done for years as a sincere token of gratitude to those that appreciate Ivey Abitz garments.

Look No. 14 from the Fall Winter Collection
Natural Calligraphy Linen in Look No. 14 from the Fall Winter Collection
When this very special european linen was presented to us, complete with notes and logos from the late 1800’s in beautiful handwriting, we knew it had to be a featured fabric in the Fall/Winter Collection.

A natural all-season linen base, the handwriting is finely printed across the linen, creating a design feast for the eyes.

This is the kind of fabric that we think our clients will love for a few mixing and matching garments — frocks, shirts, an everyday jacket, neckties… What are your favourites?

100 percent linen. So easy to care for by either washing cold by hand or in washer, then tumble drying low to keep the washed look as shown in the Look Book.

See it in the Fall/Winter Look Book and on most design pages as a fabric option.