October Surprise

No tricks…all treats.

Friday will begin a very rare sample sale at Ivey Abitz. Save the date!

This is a very rare chance to acquire Ivey Abitz garments at a fraction of the normal price – up to 75% off.

Ivey Abitz samples are garments that were made for photoshoots, studio displays, and prototypes. Many are one-of-a-kind and sold on a first-come-first-served basis. All sales final on samples. Samples ship Priority Mail usually within 24 hours and arrive to you in our special Ivey Abitz presentation boxes.

Watch your email Friday evening for an announcement and special link to begin the Sample Sale!

‘Till then…shop


Reservoir of Bespoke Ivey Abitz

Plentiful waters, plentiful bespoke Ivey Abitz garments.

This is Look 29 from the 2021 Limited Edition Collection by Ivey Abitz.


Clear the Studio Sale

Frankly, by the time you see this post, this amazingly rare studio clearance sale at Ivey Abitz will most likely be finished. So here we post some of the images representing the limited edition fabrics that were on sale in October, 2021, along with corresponding image snippets from the Midsummer 2021 look book. We hope you’ll enjoy the present day offerings at

Client Stories Stephanie in Australia

Moving to Australia in Ivey Abitz

Real Client Spotlight

From California to Australia, Ivey Abitz Makes a Huge Life Move with Stephanie

Stephanie asked us to create Ivey Abitz capsule wardrobes in different palettes for her as she made an exciting move to a different country. We were honoured and happy to assist.

We came up with several selections of layering pieces so she has the most options for mixing and matching.

Here she is, safely moving about in the world during the global pandemic, with the following garments (from her black and charcoal capsule) to keep her empowered and content on any continent:

Pictured above is Stephanie, looking lovely and ready for anything, en route to Australia. 

Designer Notes

How To Choose Fabrics

How to Decide on your Next Ivey Abitz Garments

Advice from the Artist Herself – Cynthia Ivey Abitz

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve learned what works best for deciding upon garments from the collection by working directly with our clients around the world. With over 200 original designs and new fabrics in each collection, Ivey Abitz offers some incredible choices that will give you a one-of-a-kind lifetime wardrobe. Here are some suggestions to help you decide what to order from the new collection, especially if this is your first time ordering from us! 

1.) Always go with what initially draws you in. If there is something in the Look Book that calls you the most, listen to this helpful voice. This is what allows you to clothe yourself most authentically. 

2.) Some clients can visualize Ivey Abitz designs in our various fabrics, and choosing is easy for them—especially with our fabric swatches in hand. Some brains, though, simply aren’t wired in this way, and this is perfectly okay! This is why we take the time to create Look Books with such thought and care. We photograph design and fabric combinations that we believe are ideal and the most versatile. You are able to see the designs in an actual fabric so you can see drape and proportion. Order your favourites from the Look Book and know that they have the Ivey Abitz stamp of approval on them. 

3.) If you ever feel overwhelmed whilst deciding, please stop and remind yourself of what you loved in the first place. If it’s everything in the collection (which we hear all the time), we will help you narrow down your choices based upon how you’ll be wearing the garments, your climate, and your clothing investment budget. Contact us anytime, and we will kindly respond to your questions. I will always try to personally reply to all of you when I can! One of my favourite things in the world is getting to know the people that appreciate this special collection Josh and I have put out into the world. We love helping people celebrate everyday life through clothing. We love hearing from you.

4.) Remember that Ivey Abitz clothing is meant to be worn often and enjoyed for years to come. With this in mind, it is easier to make selections and take the leap to place your order. The sooner you order, the sooner you will have clothing for everyday wear, as well as your once-in-a-lifetime special occasions. The clothing you choose represents your aesthetic ideals, ethical purchasing practices, and your joy and gratitude for life. 

We look forward to creating for you from the Midsummer 2021 collection


How Many Times can you Wear Ivey Abitz Trousers

If it’s three licks to the center of a certain type of lollipop, how many times can you wear your Ivey Abitz trousers?

Carolyn Hennesy is up around five thousand. She wears hers a lot.

Carolyn Hennesy wears her Ivey Abitz Lydia Trousers constantly.

Ivey Abitz Look Book Video at Val-Kill

Here is the entire Ivey Abitz Collection no. 64 look book in one slideshow video. This is a great way to add some Ivey Abitz atmosphere to the room. Play this video and get on with your work. Every time you look up, you’ll be inspired by the combination of Eleanor Roosevelt’s home and Ivey Abitz clothing.

The entire Collection no. 64 look book from Ivey Abitz, as photographed at Eleanor Roosevelt’s home at Val-Kill, Hyde Park, NY.

You can see the website version of the Collection no. 64 look book here.

Designer Notes Shopping Videos

New IA101 Look Videos

Want an easy going, laid back way to take in each new IA101 Look?

IA101 Look videos give you all the images from an IA101 look in one easy going video. Enjoy the soothing sounds of our original Ivey Abitz elevator music. You’ll be gently lifted to the next level of your Ivey Abitz wardrobe.

Closeups, profiles, and overviews give you all the perspective you need to inspire your next Ivey Abitz acquisition. Of course the still images are also available in a gallery below each of the look videos.

Here’s a video from Look 6…

We hope IA101 Look videos make your wardrobe planning easier, more enjoyable, and uplifting.

Designer Notes

SOLD OUT ALERT – Civility Soft Check Twill

Now sold out from Ivey Abitz Collection no. 64 – Civility Soft Check Twill.

Description: Soft to touch, fluid in drape, lighter in weight, and opaque. It is an ideal weave for ensembles when layering is needed. We love it best in a layering frock, shirt, or indoor duster. Muted greens and blues mix so very well within the collection.

Content: 100 percent soft and lightweight cotton twill. Four season weave.

Care: Simply hand wash or put through machine delicate cycle in cold water with a plant based detergent. We suggest using a natural fabric softener to maintain the softness we have washed into it. Tumble dry on extra-low heat with our artisan wool dryer balls to keep the relaxed effect that is featured in the Look Book.

Here is our ode to Civility Soft Check Twill – a few images from the glorious photoshoot at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Val-Kill.

Hudson Duster Coat in Peace Soft Pinstripe Cotton; Hudson Frock in Civility Soft Check Twill; Porte Cochere Sash in Civility Floral Stretch Weave. Location: East profile of Stone Cottage. Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site. Val-Kill, Hyde Park, New York.
Hudson Duster Coat in Peace Soft Pinstripe Cotton; Hudson Frock in Civility Soft Check Twill; Porte Cochere Sash in Civility Floral Stretch Weave. Location: East profile of Stone Cottage. Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site. Val-Kill, Hyde Park, New York.

See the entire Collection no. 64 fabric palette here.

Carolyn Hennesy from California Videos

Love at First Shirt

For Emmy Award winning actor Carolyn Hennesy and Ivey Abitz, it was “love at first shirt.” Here Carolyn is wearing some of her favourite bespoke pieces from Ivey Abitz Collection no. 64.